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I love the Japanese technique of shibori, which is manipulating cloth in different ways before soaking in an indigo bath. This has been an inspiration in colour and texture of the painted background I also really admire Op Art in art and fashion, and I have used concentric circles to add contrast to the texture of the paint.
Acrylic paint and vinyl
David lloyd
I have a background in textiles, clothing, and costumes. I have been making costumes and clothing for 20 years, as well as working as
a stylist, scenic painter and set builder, and
have recently started doing millinery. I really love making things, seeing new ideas, and learning new techniques. I am mostly self-taught with painting techniques but have used these for sets on photography sets for different brands, Sydney Opera House, and other commercial installs. Lately I have been studying millinery and won ‘People’s Choice Award’ in the Hatter’s ‘Hattember Award’.

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