Page 2 - 2021 We Love Art Prize Finalists
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Every day I am amazed by the skills, abilities and passion of our people in handling some of the most precious objects on earth.
In doing what we do every day we call on the creative thinking of our teams to find solutions.
It should then come as no surprise that many of our team members have creative skills that extend into the arts. What does surprise is the degree of skill, the beauty of content, the excitement of thought, the expression of self and the completeness of the task.
Everyone who picks up a brush, a spatula, a chisel, a needle and thread, even a chainsaw, to create something artistic is already a winner.
The ability to express ones feelings or vision in its artistic form is a wonderful talent which I wish we had all had this past year.
To those who entered, to the finalists and to the winners, you won before the competition began!

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