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Sock it to me
I am interested in exploring the fragility of the male ego and the effects of traditional & toxic masculinity in the present day whilst touching on the ideas of dominance in humanity. Through exploration of the materials used I play with the concepts of recycled experience, strength, weakness and the passing of time.
Recycled leather, clay, recycled polyester wadding, wood, adhesive, acrylic pigment & medium
Gavin Bradstreet
I have been making art since I was a child & have been creative in one way or another up to date. I studied Fine Arts at the National Art school majoring in Photography & installation.
I have had had artworks in multiple exhibitions ranging from ARTEXPRESS at the Gunnery to most recent a 8m Photographic work at AM Gallery. I have been exploring different mediums & materials of late. Playing with the crossover from 2d to 3D, experimenting with recycled materials such as leather & pigment applications.

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