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Three pieces of thinly cut 2x4’s make up the two parts of Gemini.
On the left side, the light is enclosed within the three pieces of
wood, causing it to glow a soft pink. On the right side is the opposite configuration, with the light exposed. When looking at the two side by side, the left feels comfortable, the warm glow bringing the viewer in. However, the piece on the right side is bright and jarring to look
at, causing the viewer to squint and want to look away. One side is much more palatable and easier on the senses than the other. The inspiration for this piece came from analyzing the two sides of myself. The inner and the outer being equally the same as they are opposite, in the same way the two forms are the same, but also opposite. I believe that every person has these two sides because I know this to be true about myself. There is one side that I present to the world, and one side I chose to hide away. The side I present to the world is soft and conforming, the other is loud and aggressive. I hope to one day merge the two and see myself as one cohesive piece, rather than two opposite sides. Balanced, but still opposite.
Untreated prime whitewood stud (standard 2x4), Fluorescent bulb
Kelsey Ryan
I am a sculptor and an illustrator. I intend for my work to be a comment on the duality of individuals. I like to work with wood and I often incorporate artificial light sources into my work.

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